Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Maybe Someday, Maybe Never

So the New Year's plan was to orchestrate a series of monthly shop updates.
Each was to be developed around a theme of sorts such as Hitty goodies, doll beds, or pin toppers.
I thought this plan of action would keep me organized and focused.
Trouble was, I thought wrong.

It turned out to be a case of too many pots in the fire.
Chaos reined in my work spaces and in my head
and as a result
not one item made it into the shop
nor into the hands of some VERY patient individuals.

It's no longer a new year, but it is day one of a new month.
And for this fine month of February ahead I have developed a new plan.
It's called the 
"I'll Do What I Can Plan."

What it means is this...
I'll do what I can with what time I am afforded and only with a feeling of joy in my heart.
I want each individual stitch to be enjoyed, each paint stroke applied with peace, 
and each completed project to smile back at me.

Working under a deadline and at the expense of family, friends, and sleep 
is the perfect recipe for mishap and mayhem on the work table. 
(It also makes for one cranky mama
 and more than a few 
miserable meals...just ask the kiddos!)

Items made under an air of misfortune are not something I wish to share with others.
To do so would turn all of this into a job and not a joy. 
That would be sad.

I'll still be creating on a small scale and curating my little shop...
day by day,
stitch by stitch,
item by item,
 but always with a whole lot of happiness in the heart!