Sunday, February 26, 2012

Made a Lily - Step 6......and a little something more!

Step 6 - Trimming the Lily Pad

If you gathered up a selection of decorative trims during the past week it's time now to have some fun with them!

Try them out along the seam line of your lily pad to see which one you like the best. I usually want to have a bit of contrast so I'm going to use the green rick rack.

An easy way to measure out the length of trim your going to need is to tack one end of it on the seam. . . . .

. . . . .wrap it all the way around the cushion and tack it once again. I suggest clipping the trim several inches beyond this second tacking point in order to give a bit extra to play with just in case. Believe me. . . . . coming up 1/2" short at the very end does not make for a happy sewing environment!

Select a thread color to match the trim. Single thread your needle.

Locate the pin we inserted last week to mark the back of the cushion. . . . . this is the best location to start and finish attaching the trim since any messiness will not be seen face on.

On the left hand side of the floss insert the needle directly below the seam line and come out again just above it.

Repeat this same stitch in order to secure the thread tight.

Now, on the top edge of your trim pull the thread through (back to front) approximately 1/2" from the end.

Reinsert the needle into the cushion, taking a diagonal stitch from top to bottom. Once pulled tight the thread should be wrapped over the top edge of the trim.

Working from the bottom this time, once again pull the thread back to front through the trim. . . .

. . . . . followed by a bottom to top diagonal stitch in the cushion. Working in a clockwise direction continue picking up the edges of the trim and securing it to the cushion with diagonal stitches.

Since I'm using a rick rack in this case, its easy to align each stitch with the upper and lower points. When attaching pom pom trim or some other straight edge piece it works well to follow the same diagonal method and to keep your stitches close together in order to assure the trim fits snug all around the sides of the lily pad.

Remember to follow the indent created by each of the embroidery floss wraps as you go around. This will help retain the flower petal appearance.

hint, hint......using a thimble to push the needle through in these tight spots is not a bad idea and your fingers will be most grateful for the assistance!

Once you find yourself an inch or so away from where you began it's time to deal with those trim tails.

Cut the first tail off 1/4" to the right of the floss.

Then cut the second tail 1/2" beyond the left hand side of the floss.

Fold this second tail back under itself and continue stitching it to the cushion through all layers of trim.

Sometimes a bit of fraying occurs around the two ends but if you make a few extra stitches wrapping around the top and bottom edges you'll find the stragglers tuck in nicely. Tidy it up but don't stress. . . . .remember this is the back of the cushion and won't even be noticed.

Finally, tie off you thread and clip it free.
The lily pad is now complete!!!

Remember these?

The doll pin, head, base, and a few 8mm wooden beads will be our focus next week.

Along with them you'll need to gather up an assortment of brushes as well as a snippet of sandpaper.

And last but not least. . . . .PAINT!!!
Colors you may be interested in having on hand include
flesh tone for the body

pink for the cheeks

red for the lips

an eye color

a hair color

black and white for details

a gloss varnish to finish it all off!

Project for the day you ask?

Am feeling a bit of spring in the air and so decided to make up a Picca-Little pillow in something other than black and red for a change!

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