Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hitty Hands

 Hitty hands are often busy.
 You can find them reading a book,
 playing dress up,
 and even taking a fine stitch or two!
 Lucky me was the beneficiary of one such sewing session.
Just look at what a fine new garland I now have for my FUNctional space!
 I can't imagine a better accompaniment for this month's book which,
if you haven't already guessed, is......

HITTY of course!!!
If you decide to pick up Rachel Field's delightful telling of one wee wooden doll's amazing adventures I promise you will not be disappointed. Loved by an assortment of little girls, lost and found several times over, and often placed in the midst of historical figures and events Hitty is one heroine that is sure to find her way into your heart!


  1. I shall look for that book on my next trip to the library. Your girls did a wonderful job on their stitching project :) Very sweet! Blessings

    1. I'm so happy to hear it and hope you enjoy her adventures as much as I do! Happy Wishes, natalie jo

  2. Another great favourite of mine! I got my son to bring my childhood copy out from our lock-up as I haven't read it since I stopped teaching. A re-read is overdue..

  3. My little Hitty book should be on its way to our cottage very soon...found a very old copy and cannot wait for it to arrive! I have been perusing the internet becoming informed on the sweet Hitty dolls, and I have to tell you I adore your GW the best! And that you made her from the kit was even more inspiring to me, as I was studying which kind to acquire...pre-made or kit.
    You are such an incredible resource and are responsible for taking me to higher heights in my crafting, sewing, and pursuit of embroidery. Thank you never seems enough...
    Blessings, sweet one!

  4. Do let me know how you like the book although I have a feeling your going to LOVE it. Hitty is such a dear, just like you! Welcome to her world....