Sunday, April 22, 2012

Made a Lily - Step 14

Step 14 - Let's Put a Head On Her Shoulders

Time to plug in that glue gun again! And since you've got a few minutes to wait while it heats up why not get a head start on the kerchief?

From your selected fabric cut a 4x4 inch square.

Then cut your square in half diagonally so that..... end up with two triangles like this. The gun should be hot by now so set these aside and locate the lily head.

Take a gander at the depth of the  peg hole in the bottom.....

.....and fill it approximately 1/3 full of the hot glue. You don't want so much that it drips down her neck (been there done that!) or so little that the head easily pops off (ditto!)

And that's it...pop it on, adjust it just so, and your little pincushion is finally all in one piece.

Now back to that kerchief. Put the two triangles right side together and take them for a little trip to your sewing machine. Stitch 1/4" in from the edge all around leaving an opening for turning along the longest side.

Clip the three corner points off and turn the kerchief right side out.

Give a quick press making sure the opened edges are tucked in neatly.

Back at the machine again top stitch around all sides of the kerchief staying slightly less than 1/8" from the edge so that it looks like.....


To give the kerchief its shape thread up a needle and draw it through the two corners at either end of the longest edge.

Take several stitches to keep these ends firmly together.

Finish up by pulling the remaining corner down to meet up with the first two.....

.....and stitch firmly in place as well.

Put a thin coat of hot glue in several spots along the inner edge..... the hold the kerchief in place just so.

Congratulations! Only one more step to go and your Lily will be done. I thought it might be fun to make her a tussie mussie to hold considering her completion will fall so close to May Day. A few fabric scraps, a length of embroidery floss, and a small bunch of little flowers will do the job.



  1. what a great tutorial. I've been looking for those small flowers but haven't found them yet...what are they called?

  2. Thanks so much Carolyn! The little flowers are called "millinery paper flowers." A great source to find a wide variety of them is the Etsy shop called Caramelos
    Have fun shopping!
    natalie jo