Sunday, June 30, 2013

Once Upon A Path....

Once upon a time there was a girl named Natalie Jo who loved to read storybooks and often imagined herself as a character within the pages she held in hand. Never, however, in her wildest dreams, did she imagine that a sign from those same pages could lead her down a path where fairy tales come true. But, if you make your way to Mason, New Hampshire you'll find just that!

At first you too must look for the signs....don't worry they're aplenty in these parts!

In no time at all,

you'll find yourself headed down a familiar sun dabbled path.

Keep to the path, don't talk to strangers,
and before you know it
a storybook cottage will appear right before your very eyes!

Not just any storybook cottage mind you.....this one belongs to Grandmother!

Imagine what fun it is to enter the same door through which little Red Riding Hood, the wolf, and (thank goodness) the wood cutter did all those years ago.
And for this we can thank none other than....

  Elizabeth Orton Jones, the illustrator extraordinaire from last month's book 
Enchanted by the beauty of New Hampshire during a business trip in the 1940's, Jones followed her own path to Mason and soon became a resident. In 1948 she used this neighboring cottage as inspiration for her illustrations in a Golden Book version of Little Red Riding Hood.
Today the location is known as Pickity Place and is infused with delights at every turn.
My favorite is the museum room.

It's filled with numerous edition of Little Red Riding Hood,

a sweet collection of dolls in red capes,

and of course.....

...that dratted wolf!!!
Have no fear however, as it seems the woodcutter has already had at this one and left
only his silly bonneted head behind.
In fact the most vicious thing we saw all day was of the feline variety and quite too hot and tired to bother with us in the least.
The gardens are numerous and filled with trails to encourage exploration.
   The kitchen and culinary gardens are a special treat in that
the herbs and edible flowers grown there....   

.....are sure to be found on your plate should you partake of the gourmet luncheons offered.

If your lucky I imagine you might even catch a glimmer of Little Red
gathering up a bunch of flowers for grandma,
and rounding out the bouquet with and abundance of Queen Anne's lace

and lavender sprigs.

Another lazy kitty was to our benefit...

as it gave free reign to the red feathered friend we saw so like the one...

featured in another of the book's illustrations!
I truly can't imagine a more realistic storybook setting than can be found at Pickity Place.
Nor can I imagine a better companion doll to Jones' Golden Book version of Little Red Riding Hood than this lovie. 

She is a Nancy Ann Storybook Doll and plastic versions such as this one were first produced in 1948, the same year Jones' Golden Book was published. Quite a coincidence! 
Cape wearing weather it may not be but this little lot are good spirits about it.... they perpetually greet me with their cheery faces and seem ever so happily ever after! 


  1. Thanks for this post! That is way too neat!
    If I ever travel to New Hampshire.....

  2. How I would love to visit! What a great place!

  3. How remarkable to have fallen into a Fairy Tale, Natalie Jo! Thank you for taking us along.

    And how wonderful to have a Nancy Ann Storybook doll as Little Red Riding Hood :-)


  4. Oh, How lovely! I have never seen this version of the story but hope to find a copy one day. This little cottage would lend itself to being the setting for so many stories. What a little gem!

  5. Such a darling post! Oh how I would love to visit this sweet little cottage! Thank you for sharing your delightful visit, dear kindred.

    1. Put such a visit on your wish list and perhaps someday you'll find yourself there. And who knows but that our paths would not cross along the way!

    2. That is what I shall do! We will be in New England next summer, for book signings..maybe this wouldn't be such an impossibility...and to get to MEET? That would be so wonderful! We shall commence wishing:)

    3. Wishing with all my might on this one!!!