Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Technological Advances!

Its seems to have become a January tradition that some such item of technology peter out on me. Last year it was the digital camera. . . . . .this year my computer! While the event proved to be one of great excitement for hubby and eldest son, I found myself stressed beyond belief. The more they went on about bits, processors, ram, and hard drives, the more I wanted to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head. Finally, I ditched the two techno geniuses and headed out on my own, determined not to come home without something I felt comfortable with. Six hours, ten stores, and one fantastic salesman later I returned with this little beauty. . . a CQ61-42US Notebook. There was a bit of snickering on the part of the two smarty pants but it didn't stop the biggest one from diving right in to set the thing up. I'm sure he was looking to prove I'd selected nothing more than a glorified typewriter. The anticipated mumbles and grumbles, however, were never uttered. Instead, there were "oohs" and "aahs" followed by a "wow" or two. The next day I even caught him telling one of the kiddies he LOVED mom's new computer!

While those two went about installing programs and creating wireless setups, I spent my time carving out a new nook for my quite portable laptop. A shelf from the consignment shop and a gathering of trinkets seemed to do the job nicely. I was especially thrilled to be able to display this new wee one. Of the same clan as dear Lucy, she was a very welcome gift from my mom at Christmas. It was quite appropriate that she came bearing those two little houses in her basket for I had just been in the midst of a project involving such items. . . . .

. . . . . it all began with a request to create something special for my friends at Candlelite Quilts. Something that would reflect the kind hearts and creative spirits that are housed within its walls. Looking no further than the store's logo I knew the foundation could be none other than a chamber stick holder! A concept that proved to be much easier said than done, for although I've stumbled upon them quite often at flea markets, not a single one could be had when I needed it. And to make it even worse, for this endeavour I needed a matching set! Week after week, every trail lead to a dead end. Just when I was about to give up hope, however, I meet Stacey from Steam Dreams over Etsy way. At first I thought it was luck that lead me to her listing for a matched set of copper chamber stick holders but I was soon to learn it was pure providence. For a wonderful telling of A Tale of Two Candlesticks I highly recommend you pop on over to her blog, Art Snark. I promise you won't be disappointed!

With chamber sticks in hand, I was able to make short work of the project. . . . . or at least it seemed like short work because they were so much fun to create!
I actually had to rein myself in when stitching up the little flower pins. I made them movable in order to allow them to be planted wherever the heart desired. And with that in mind. . . . .

. . . . . I then made the wee dollies with stick pin bodies so they could be made to walk down the cobblestone path, up the brick walk, and. . . . .

. . . . .through the green door. I myself will be headed through that very same door come February 1st and I can't wait! It's always fun to pop in for a visit but his time something extra exciting is about to begin.

Here are a few clues, but if you can't guess or wait to find out you can head on over to Candlelite Quilts yourself by clicking here!