Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Back to Work

There is a lot I can't show yet without spoiling the "giftie surprise" of the project but.....
I did want to let you in on the double duty my hankie washing 
the other day provided.

Not only did it alleviate my frustration, 
it also supplied perfect fabric needed for a more "wispy" area.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

It Was a Wash....Literally

No I did not know what I was doing the last time I popped in around these parts. 
Several times over I appliqued pieces on and then promptly removed them. Let me just say my frustration level was near to having me jump ship. Luckily, I decided it was myself 
I needed to remove.....

......and so I did!
 I put my hands to work on a bit of housekeeping that involved
a recently acquired stash of vintage hankies.

This little dapper duck was especially charming, even if he was of the applique variety!

Several good soaks were required to remove years of mustiness.

Finally, a quiet spell hanging them up to dry.....

.....and my mood was officially lifted!
I was back to the drawing board this morning and am delighted to say 
things are smooth sailing now.