Friday, October 14, 2016

My New Best Friend

Apologies for the omission of an introduction!
Please do meet my now "not so new" helper,
the Lap App.

It was a "whim" purchase last spring. One of those "I'VE GOT TO HAVE IT" acquisitions that are made without really rationalizing whether or not the item is really suited for you.
Most often I come to regret such impulses and yet continually fail 
to learn from such impulses....
to which I say,

It is sold here at The Lap App Store under the premise of being a lap table, which it is to be sure.
But....using it atop my work space has proved to be my favorite means 
of hanging out with my new friend.

The added height and the ability to adjust the angle of my work surface 
are benefits I would not have anticipated. The thimble printed cover is removable and underneath is a non slip surface for tracing. An alternate heat resistant cover for ironing is also included.
Handy extras can be found in the three spindles for thread storage, a magnet for keeping needles safe, and my very favorite... a petite pocket for holding scissors.

I do think we will be friends for life!