Friday, February 15, 2013

Mini Progress

 Microcrafts are in the works! It took only a few minutes this afternoon to make up a felt version of the example that was in the book. Easy Breezy it was and just perfect for a mini celebration..... honor of the newest addition to my little doll family! Yep, I followed through and finished up this wee wooden lovie from my Gail Wilson kit.
 And as it turns out she is the perfect companion doll to this month's book.
 I know I've feature this one before but I honestly couldn't help myself. It's just that good!!!
The Doll's House by Rumer Godden is one of my all time favorite books. Always has been, always will. Not only is it delightfully written but it's just as delightfully illustrated, and by none other than the amazing Tasha Tudor. Top that off with a storyline featuring a dear wooden farthing doll named Tottie and what more could you ask for ?
 Being inspired by Tottie I took some artistic liberties and painted her up a bit more like her antique cousins the penny woodens.
 I was especially delighted to see they had little red shoes just like someone else I know,
 Miss Lily Red!
I just know these two are destined to be the best of friends!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

White Out

 Greetings from our winter wonderland!
 The predictions were quite on target.
 Two whole feet of snow kept dear hubby busy with the shovel and me busy supplying him with mug ups throughout the process.
 After a job well done a brisk walk was in order.....
 down thought the woods a bit,
 along by one of my favorite houses in the neighborhood,
and finally out by the lake where it was so unbelievably cold and windy I was for once grateful that we do not live directly on the waterfront!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Nothing Little About This!

We're in for a monster of a storm!!!
While there's only and inch or so at the moment a full two feet of snow could fall before it's all said and done. In celebration of the event I thought it might be fun to host a monster of a sale over in the shop. How does a 1% discount for every inch of snow we've been predicted sound? Fun I think!!! If you agree have yourself a peek at what's available and be sure to plug in the coupon code -

(All done as of 2-19-13
Thanks everyone for popping by!)
The sale will last for the duration of the storm plus any extra days the power may be out. Once we're up and running again I'll be back in touch and and headed to the post office with all your goodies.
Until then stay cozy!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Little Heaven

 Currently, I am in "Little" heaven.
 Shop-wise I've been stitching a little this.....
 .....and a little that.
 Even a little work on a new Lily found its way into the mix.
 And even though little stitches of all sorts always seem to thrill me, it was the arrival of this book that has been the catalyst to send me totally head over heels into the truly divine world of tiny.
 I'm attempting to devour it in very little bits to savour the images,
 the words,
and the tremendous ability it has to inspire me to tackle a few tiny tasks just for me!