Monday, February 28, 2011

A Cuppa......

Most things around here start with a cuppa. Earl Grey helps me greet the sunrise and the day ahead while dear hubby never heads out on his commute without coffee from Little Peach. Company calls for the kettle to be put on so as to commence our cozy chit chat while the kiddies clamour for cocoa to initiate their warm up after a romp in the snow. And when the cold season comes a knocking on our door nothing sets about the healing process better than an herbal with lemon and honey.

February seems to have literally flown out the window. . . . . hopefully taking the worst of the weather and persistent flu bugs with it! But now, with a mid March deadline looming and a nearly depleted Esty shop its time to dig in and get down to work and so I've decided what better way to start than with a "cuppa creativity!"