Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hitty Hands

 Hitty hands are often busy.
 You can find them reading a book,
 playing dress up,
 and even taking a fine stitch or two!
 Lucky me was the beneficiary of one such sewing session.
Just look at what a fine new garland I now have for my FUNctional space!
 I can't imagine a better accompaniment for this month's book which,
if you haven't already guessed, is......

HITTY of course!!!
If you decide to pick up Rachel Field's delightful telling of one wee wooden doll's amazing adventures I promise you will not be disappointed. Loved by an assortment of little girls, lost and found several times over, and often placed in the midst of historical figures and events Hitty is one heroine that is sure to find her way into your heart!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Junk Drawer

 Remember last year when I posted here nearly everyday? How in the world did I do that? I wonder and wish at the same time it could be so again. But alas, life seems to have dumped the junk drawer out on my lap. So what's to do but dig in and sort the minutiae piece by piece.
 The good news is, bit by bit tasks are being accomplished, meetings attended, appointments met, papers signed, funds dished out, and teenage drama subdued (fingers crossed on this one!)
Getting your ducks in a row can certainly be time consuming but also.....
 .....very rewarding. Once the big picture starts to reveal itself the light at the end of the tunnel begins to flicker.
 Currently I'm pinning down the final details...
 ...sending things off to appropriate recipients...
....and all the while keeping my fingers crossed that the "junk drawer" stays tidy long enough to get my hands really dirty with some serious crafting again!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not Fun But.....

 Having your printer die on you is NOT fun. Having to reconfigure the technical hoopla of wirelessly connecting a new one to your system is even less amusing. The biggest bummer of all, however, is having to print out your tax returns on said printer in order to have something upon which your "payment due" check may be attached.
....if on the way to the post office you also take along with you an order of bitty blossom pins to ship out to someone sweet the day soon becomes a bit brighter.
...if upon popping into the post office with your deliveries, you find the nicest postman in the whole wide world just happens to be behind the counter your smile becomes a bit bigger. 
 SO THEN.....
...with your mouth in mind it's no wonder you take a hop, skip, and a jump across the parking lot to Lil' Peach. I know the sign says Tedeschi but I first knew it as Lil' Peach and so it will always remain as such to me. Besides isn't Lil' Peach much more fun to say than Tedeschi?
 Anyhoo...this is where you will find a never ending supply of.....
...the best macaroons EVER!!!
And at 50 cents a pop these little delights are still quite affordable even after paying your taxes!