Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bless This Book

I love everything about this book.
The illustrations are beyond delightful and the words are wonderful.
And why wouldn't they be when the author is none other than...
 ...the previously gushed over author of Hitty: Her First Hundred Years....
Rachel Field!!!
 The book itself is a charming poem of blessings for all the comforts in a small child's world.
Each two page spread combines a sweet line form the poem with an even sweeter picture.
This one for example features some much loved stuffed lovies along with the words,
"Bless the toys whose shapes I know."
(Any sweeter and I do believe I'll develop yet another cavity for my dentist to attend!)
An added bonus are the wee angels scattered all throughout the pages. I can't help but imagine that Elizabeth Orton Jones (the illustrator extraordinaire) had a collection of her own Wendt & Kuhn dolls to draw inspiration from. These two little friends of mine were a happy find on Etsy awhile back.
It was my mom, however, that gifted me with my most angel that
actually matches one in the book.
All together they make for a very joyful bunch of companions!
  I'm  going to so enjoy looking up at their little faces throughout the days ahead!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sneek Peek

Yup, it's just about time for a new book of the month.
This one just screamed for a pom pom garland!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rainy Day in the Nook

 A run of chilly, damp days has keep us cozied up inside. Not a problem as I had some cape work on the agenda and the sewing nook was the perfect place get it done. In the process of putting linings in however, I couldn't help but cut a few scraps for future hexies of both the 1 and 2 inch variety. Yes I'm officially addicted to the creation of these things!!!
 Soon after ties were threaded, braided, and tied off.
 Hitty lent a hand (and the rest of her body) for the final fittings!
And then...."Tadah!"
I was all done!
Now....where did I put those hexies?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Three More....

I'm really on my way now!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


 Still working on paring down my fabric stash.
My goal is to have no more than 1 yard of each print.
 That way I can still buy new goodies and not feel guilty about the fact that trying to squeeze them in somewhere back at home is near impossible!
 I'm also working on being a bit more prompt in putting my new goodies to use.
That little charm pack by Moda  for instance...
I just HAD TO HAVE it!
I thought it would make up the sweetest batch of pincushions someday.
Normal me would have stashed it for that someday but the me I'm trying to be ruled the day and actually put hand to task by prepping fabric pair ups and matching pom pom trim. True for almost every pack of charms I have purchased, I was then left with a pile of leftover prints not entirely to my liking.
Now once again normal me would have stashed these for maybe, someday, never. But the me I'm trying to be was quick on her toes this afternoon....
 Enter a pack of 2 inch Hexie paper pieces, a needle, thread, and VoilĂ ...step #1 in a housekeeping matter of a different sort had been taken!
 You see, I'm obsessed with this book and the work of Nicki Trench. What a colorful world she creates and I imagine lives in. I think my home could stand to kick it up a notch in such a direction and am determined to take action....even if it's only one hexie piece at a time.
And I made three!!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sew Many Decisions

  Way back when, a sweet friend sent along a package of luscious fabrics with the idea being I could put my hand to some Hitty cape work for us. And I did!
 But typical me cannot leave well enough alone and so a matter of "details" has come into play. And that's where I get the details!
 Some fur perhaps?
 Or a bit of handworked embellishment?
 I was thinking a simple crochet trim would be fun but really just can't commit because what if a different crochet trim would be better?
 Eeny meeny miny mo?

Saturday, May 18, 2013


So....with the arrival of spring  I find myself working more and more in the sun room. For one thing it's warm enough now to spend time in this unheated space and for another I've been adapting  my creative set up a bit. Cosmetically it appears nothing more than a swap out of knick knack accoutrements...a different painting, an alternate table runner, and some new fillers for the jars. At least that's what I intended to show. But then, last Monday I read a new post by Austin Kleon called Show Your Work and it made me stop and think. I've been thinking ever since.

I've been thinking about Kleon's reference to "authenticity."
I've been thinking about the past.
I've been thinking about the future.
I've been thinking about the way I create,
the way I blog,
and the way I keep house. 
I've been thinking about doing less,
doing more,
and doing what's fun.
And weirdest of all I've been thinking about this space.
Everyday when I step out here to "work" it looks like this.
Several hours into the process it's a shambles...thread tails and scrap clippings, tea cups and crumbs, piles and puddles galore.
everyday before I step out of this space I tuck it all away and it looks like this once again.

Well it's certainly NOT because I want the room to be company ready 24/7!
Nope, with dear hubby's cubby on the opposite wall such a feat would be near impossible as his creative station is a continual "work in progress."

Inspirational reference lies within easy reach...

and pastels are always at hand...

which allows him to dabble at this...
and that in a moment's notice.

By comparison my space seems nothing more than a collection of supplies neatly stored,


or stacked.

A place for everything and everything in its place is all well and good, but I'm thinking it might not be enough.  It's stifling to creativity and limiting to blog postings. The showing of supplies is nothing more than a projection into the future while the reveal of finished pieces is a retelling of the past (at least for me it is.) I'm missing the immediacy of last year's "Made" project. Looking back it was fun and it helped to keep my focus on the moments at hand....something that very well might be worth revisiting in some way. Not in terms of "Made" and definitely not with the daily obligation but perhaps along the lines of Kleon's "show your work."