Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Little Bit of an Improvement

My passion for English Paper Piecing has officially been renewed.
I love laying out all the little pieces.
Stitching them together.
Basting them up.
And arranging them....
although I am trying so very hard to be randomly spontaneous in the process,
not my strong point to say the least!
Bit by bit  I can see a new table runner coming together.
The one thing I wasn't in love with. however, was my choice of sewing supply storage.
Then, this past weekend, I popped in to a road side farm sale
and found this little treasure.
Later in the day, a nearby quilt store restocked my supply of cheery fabrics
for a new Pick-a-Lily.
While they looked cute enough in my new little drawer.....
...these goodies proved a much better fit.
A sweet row of color,
a tidy tuck away drawer,
and ample space for a mini fabric stash,
makes this English Paper Piecer very happy indeed!