Thursday, October 31, 2013

F is for FUN

 Recently the Nellie Perkins Doll and Miniature Society (to which I luckily belong) hosted a very special workshop. Judith Phelps was the honored guest for the day and gifted us with the ins and outs   of making doll hats. Our kit was that of the "Cherry Blossom Time Hat" and our program akin to the one she gave at last summer's UFDC convention. The write up read as follows...
                                     Cherry Blossom Time Hat
                                     Instructor: Judith Phelps Tuesday, July 30, 9AM - Noon
                                     Join Judith in making a hat that will celebrate spring and the 
                                     blooms of Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC. This hat is made of 
                                     organdy wire, trim, and flowers and will fit a Bleuette or similar
                                     sized doll head.  
                                     No sewing is required. Please bring small pointed scissors.
                                     Skill Level:** - some skill or dexterity required

 Everything about the program was amazing. The kits were beautifully packaged, the instructions very clear and concise, and Judith's company a delight. I was most impressed with her attention to detail. Look here for example at the sweet little trim she had us use to cover a seam on the underside of the brim. I love when things are finished up just so like that!
What I didn't love was the fact that upon returning home I had not one doll to my name on which this hat would fit. That is what you get for having a tendency for the tiny I guess. 
 As it turned out, however, someone in our house did have a size appropriate doll....
dear daughter!!!
It's been nearly a year since I featured her Tasha Tudor inspired Annabelle ensemble but I thought this would be the perfect time for a peek back at that post. I've been considering which book to feature for October and having a tough go of it. I first thought to try and tie it in with a Halloween theme but with only three selections left for the year I wanted to make sure not to waste it on a book that really wasn't a tried and true top 12 favorite.
 In the end it was the hat that firmed up my decision to revisit A is for Annabelle.
Honestly I don't think it could have been designed more perfectly to match the beauty of the book's illustrations....
...or to be a better size to fit our Annabelle's head!
If you haven't done so already be sure to peek back HERE for more details from the pages of Tasha's exploration of a doll's alphabet.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Over and Out

 It has come to my attention that my days of purchasing
 everything that has anything to do with any one of my assorted passions
(e.g. dishware, doll houses, scottie dogs, L. M. Montgomery)
are OVER.
Now don't get me wrong...this does not mean that I don't on occasion find treasures to bring home, it's just that I make a conscious decision as to their true "treasure worthiness" prior to purchase. This is fantastic in my book because it makes me feel really good about #1 on my new
Cottage Quest stop buying stuff!
Of course this means it's time to seriously start considering #2....
 declutter the stuff you have.

Let it be said this may take awhile. A long while. Even so I am proud to say progress is definitely in the works. Daily progress in fact. No matter what craziness is on the agenda I have made it a standing habit to send at least one of something OUT THE DOOR before my head hits the pillow. And most recently my means of disposal has branched beyond the trash, the donations, and the Craig's list offerings to...

This just so happens to be a long time favorite haunt of mine. Only this time instead of browsing the rows...

I'm stocking them!!!