Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Spark of Inspiration - Item # 4

I love everything about this book.

The story is delightful.
The illustrations are peaceful.
And it's messages....
the joy found in crafting, 
the importance of friendship, 
and the power of a smile....
the messages are magnificent!

It continually amazes me that a book so small in size can be so big in inspiration.

I first wrote about M. B. Goffstein's  Goldie the Dollmaker several years ago 
when I hosted it as book of the month for January. Of all the books I featured that year
this one definitely sparks the most joy for me when I hold it in my hands.

Goldie herself has become a friend of sorts.
I think about her when I craft my own little dolls.
During the construction,

the painting,

and especially when I gather a batch of completed lovies 
 together on the worktable.

I remember her with each Pick-a-Lily I make up...

...and with every petite Pinelope.

She even lent me a helping hand in my most recent project.
It's auction time at the preschool again and I wanted to donate something 
that had as much love put into it as I receive when I walk 
through those doors every day.

Another dear friend 
(from real life, not the pages of a book mind you)
clued me in on a delightful Moda panel by Stacy Iest Hsu.

It featured Little Red Riding Hood, an admiring wolf, and the sweetest 
color combinations you could ever hope to work with.

The makings for a mini quilt and pillow were also included 
to which I added a few extras of my own.

I made a few adaptations,

bestowed a few embellishments,

and in general mixed things up a bit.

Dressing Lil' Red was the most fun of all!
Two shiny buttons and a pom pom collar,

a cozy wood walking cape, 

and a tiny pair of red mary janes of which I myself am most envious.

Her quilt was reassembled as was....

a companion comforter for Mr. Wolf.

All could have been said and done except for the fact that I had some leftover 
scraps and a snippet of an idea I wanted to try out.

What if I made a teeny tiny Lil' Red?

She could have a flouncy skirt...

....and a pincushion of her very own.

Of course a cape would be required,

as would some bitty blossoms that Lil' Red could pick for grandma.
I'm pretty sure Goldie would approve...mostly because I had so much fun in the process!

The love of and attention to each action...
be it a cut of wood, a paint stroke, or a tiny stitch...
always brings peace of mind.

Sharing creations with others however...
that is pure joy!