Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer Reading

Within our walls exist 
a dear hubby that works from home,
three quite grown up "children,"
and a bichon pup with severe separation anxiety issues.
To expect our day to day
(or night to night)
to flow in a leisurely summer manner
would be asking a miracle...
and so I don't.

Instead, I read.
This year I even went so far as to create a 
summer reading curriculum. It includes a selection of books 
picked with lifestyle dreams in mind since I figure you 
can't redirect your daily path if you're
not quite sure where you
want to go

I started with a few favorite authors....

combined with an interest in remote coastal living,

a tad of cozy housekeeping love,

and a hint of New England nostalgia.

I suppose the cherry on top is this one...

I've had it in my possession for ages and am shamed to say have not yet even 
browsed it's pages. Strange, especially considering Tasha Tudor 
wrote the introduction. Perhaps it needed to be saved 
especially for this summer.

It might be just the inspiration needed to 
hurl myself out and actually go visit someplace beyond my own dooryard.
They do have tours of the island you know!

Speaking of traveling out and beyond....
a gathering of wee friends made their way out into the world this week.
What brave little hearts they have!

Only two remain.
Both also have a bent for adventure 
so I've promised to provide just that by posting them 
over Etsy way come Friday morning.
I do believe a few Pinelopes
intend to join the fun 
as well!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

What's Up?

Quite literally the most exciting thing up in our neck of the woods 
is a brand new chandelier....

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever live in a home with such elegance,
I feel like Cinderella! Our previous boring old light fixture developed a habit 
of popping and smoking whenever the switch was turned on 
and so a venture out to Home Depot was in order.

I found an amazing assortment of sleek and oh so grown up specimens to choose from, 
unfortunately I am not a very sleek or grown up individual.
In fact I felt very Goldilock-ish in that nothing felt just right.....
too big,
too bright,
too boring.

But then, way down low I spied something of interest, 
a relatively tiny box with a hint of glimmer to it.
The home improvement fairies must have secreted it away just for me
for the box contained what was marketed as a 
"Miniature Chandelier."

Oh the power of words....

Add to that a can of Robin's Egg Blue spray paint,
an agreeable dear hubby, a bewildered electrician and here I am,
living like a princess!

But what else do I fill my days with aside from selecting ball gowns and eating bonbons?

Well I'm trying to remember how to take photos for some listings I 
want to get in the shop....the poor thing has been 
as empty as Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard for ages upon ages now!

I've also a fair share of goodies I need to get delivered....

.....and so many more in the works!

I've got a wish list of inventory I'm hoping to take with me to 
the Southern New Hampshire Doll Show and Sale this September and a lack of available elves to help with the production so it looks like my fingers will be busy!

All in all I'd say it's a happily ever after adventure.