Sunday, August 16, 2009

Playing Dolls

Summer Fun item #41 was to attend the Sunapee Fair up in New Hampshire, and so we did! Creativity abounded under each and every tent there. . . . . .wood carvers, basket makers, jewelers, and fiber artists galore. We even got to see a glassblowing demonstration and try our hand at weaving on a loom. But of course, as you well know, the main event for me was the Gail Wilson booth. Lily Red spied it first and headed directly for the dollhouse display. We both shared a few moments of silent awe and then proceeded to make quite a spectacle of ourselves oohing and ahing over every little detail.

Gail Wilson herself was there, for which I feel I must interject a mighty little "yippee!" Unfortunately, the excitement of the moment had me practically tongue tied but I did manage some sort of request to take photos to which she kindly responded in a positive manner and even gave me some tips to avoid the glare from the glass cases in which the items were displayed. At this point let me say, photographer I am not, so any help I can get is most appreciated! I use my little blue Canon ELPH which I have permanently set to "Digital Macro" with no flash. I aim, click and hope for the best.
It was quite humbling to see the amazing quality of her work. I am especially impressed with those braids!

After seeing her doll's doll I'm afraid my little Sally Anne is in desperate need of a makeover in the hair department! And some clothes wouldn't hurt either.

I fell in love with this wonderful wee wooden dolly! Her creation will have to wait, however, as someone else is next in line. . . . .
. . . . .Hitty! She was so lovely I wanted to just snatch her up and take her home with me that very day. But it was necessary that restraint be employed in this matter as I had it from a very reliable source that one such doll kit would be awaiting me at my birthday celebration next month (thanks mom. . . .and dad too although I'm sure he's not aware of it yet!)

Another Hitty and wee wooden to ooh over.

Hitty actually had her own display case filled with little treasures to collect for her. This tiny quilt and sewing set was my favorite.
Eventually it was time to return home where I meet with a small troop of my own creations awaiting completion. Many of them were quite anxious as they have places to go and people to see. Some undivided attention was promised but not before this little Maybelle Sweetie. . . . .

. . . . . .was delivered down to Cape Cod!

After that the real work began. Fabric choices were made. . . . .

. . . . . fittings were conducted. . . . .

. . . . .and final touches were deliberated.

I do believe I see the influence of the Gail Wilson basic doll kit popping up in my own work here what with the wee doll's doll and the braids!

This little one was actually a hoot to make. She could possibly be the first of the Pick-a-Little Pals to come down the path.

Petite in stature she may be, but short in personality she's not! Barely a day old and already she's a hit with the the other girls in the neighborhood.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just in the Nick of Time!

What you see here is the status of my basic doll kit as of 12:30 last night. I know, I know. . . . . I haven't completed their underthings yet but since it's an absolutely lovely day, with not a drop of rain in sight, I've given myself permission to head on up to the Sunapee Fair and spend my budget at the Gail Wilson booth!

I must say, for all my bellyaching and hesitation over sewing on the arms it was actually quite easy. The use of pliers to accomplish the task was not even required as I had so feared. Instead I discovered the needle slid quite smoothly through the painted surfaces with only a bit of assistance from one of my handy thimbles. With that success under my belt I found my confidence level soring and set out to tackle the wig constructions without a moment to spare. It took me all of ten minutes to have them ready to attach to the heads and another ten to glue them on. All this and it was only 10:00! I wish now I had remembered to take a picture of them at this point as they looked as if they had just popped out of a Pre-Raphaelite painting. They were very lovely indeed! But no. . . . . I hopped right on to the final step of braiding the hair. I considered it all downhill from here as I've made endless braids in my lifetime, what could be easier?

Two hours later, numerous dos and redos had me pulling out my own hair! I could not get those braids to lay correctly or even finish up to an equal length with one another. I finally found this updo to be my salvation as I was able to tuck away all the imperfections and raggedy edges once and for all.
The doll's wee doll I had better luck with so she got to keep her Anne of Green Gables look. And now, while their state of undress causes no great concern at the moment, mine does! In less than an hour and I'm due to be out the door and on my way north to see what goodies await!