Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where I Will Create...

After much ado I have finally completed my sewing nook makeover! It involved quite a bit more shifting and sorting of materials than I had anticipated but was well worth it in the end. Not only is it much cozier and more inviting than before, but the space actually functions quite efficiently as a creative area now. I couldn't help but sneak in a few minutes to work on a project or two earlier today (I should have been baking my pies for Thanksgiving but don't worry they're in the oven now!) was amazing to me how pleasant and relaxing it was to sit and sew without having to constantly move about the house looking for my scissors, a pen, the button box, a skein of floss, or a certain book. Everything is right here at my fingertips. I'm in awe at the moment, but I'll be truly amazed if I can keep it this way for any length of say a week? Good luck to me!

My new favorite seat in the house! I suppose I should have a dust cover over my featherweight but it looks so cute sitting there, plus I use it almost everyday.

Spent some time rummaging through the kitchen cupboards and attic boxes gathering fun treasures. I've got buttons in the swanky swigs, doodles in the green thread box, and a bunch of my favorite pens.

Notion central....pins, needles, buttons, floss, seam binding and such all ready and waiting.

Not a great picture but I'm so tickled with my ironing board I just had to show it. I recovered it in red gingham which for some reason tickles me to no end. I'm hoping it also inspires me to put it to good use as my ironing pile has grown tremendously over the past two weeks. I thought of taking a picture of that too, then thought again of how horrified my mother would be to see such a sight posted here!!!


  1. What a sweet little sewing nook you've put together...the perfect place to create! I have a sewing corner in my studio, too. I just love it.

  2. I love all you have done! Great work! So charming a space to work in.
    Do you actually use your Featherweight to make your quilted things?

  3. Love your sewing corner--beautiful! (Featherweight addict and doll maker here.) I admire the way you put this corner together. It really is lovely.