Sunday, February 1, 2009

Winter Blues and the Arrival of Lily Red

Oh woe is me...considering the events of the past weeks I have devoted this day to a bit of self pity. It began innocently enough with a car that wouldn't start due to the extreme cold. That in itself is to be expected at least once a year here during a New England winter. Ditto on the perpetual colds that take up permanent residence in our home every January. The sudden "death" of the digital camera, however, was completely out of the blue as was my broken tooth with crown work to follow...Yeah! And for a little added spice to my days it seems the checks I ordered form the bank have been lost in the mail!

A spot of tea and time spent knitting to sooth the soul you say? Not so I reply, for a sensor in our furnace broke and now the vile thing blows out a stream or cold air through the vents. Good news, however, one small part and it can be week once the distributor sends it! So for the second time in two months our home is without heat. The teapot therefore, is to warm my hands and the knitting one of the few projects I am able to work on while huddled under a blanket. I have promised myself that should I ever win the lottery, the construction of a fireplace will be my first extravagance!

Apparently wooden dolls are quite tolerant of the climate for a wee one was spotted making its way through the bramble earlier today.

Imagine our surprise when that same wee wanderer was seen peering in the window at Wayside Cottage! Could it be...

Why yes it was! Our long awaited Lily Red had finally arrived. Introductions were made all around followed by a brief inspection of the cottage. Lily Red found it full of possibilities and being quite anxious to make it home Lucy presented her with the key. "I'm ever so happy your finally here," she said. "And your timing is perfect as something very exciting is happening tomorrow. Do take off your cape and I'll tell you all about it!"


  1. Oh Natalie Jo! I know exactly how you feel and I am so sorry to hear about all of your troubles!
    Winter in Buffalo, New York, was always the same: cars not starting; colds and flu; snowblower going on strike and no way to get out of the drifts that blanketed your car (that is, if it did manage a whimper of a start!); furnace going on holiday; the wind that rattled your teeth (but not shaking out the crowns for Heaven's sake!); and the ice that left you for dead should you decide to muster out on foot.
    But all that is not even as bad as the dreariness and gray of it all - lasting from October till March.
    I love the snow and marvel at the beauty it brings with a dusting, like frosting, on all the vegetation. But not six months of it with no sun!
    But with that said, it is to be expected in the North East USA!
    But oh no! NOT the caustic revenge of one's digital camera! The nerve!
    But I am happy to see your winter visitor has arrived to take your mind off your worries and bring some fun in to the dreary days.
    I love her and your story!

  2. Well they say trouble comes in three's so your all set! It can only go up from here:-) The knitting is lovely and playing dolls (even at our age) always perks us up doesn't it....LOL!

  3. What a sweet little lady Lily Red is and a most welcome diversion I should think after all those 'happenings'. I think January should be known as the month of the Tooth's Revenge' as similar things have been happening here and I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the recent festive crunching and munching. I don't envy you your lack of heat Natalie Jo. How about fitting a wood burning stove they are hugely warm and much less mess than an open fire and you don't need a traditional brick chimney. Hope all resolves itself soon meanwhile keep warm, Eli. (PS ...where'd you get the Yorkshire tea? Its a long way from home!)

  4. Oh, what a time you have had! I hope this week brings better news.
    I love Lily Red. She will add some fun to your days for sure!

  5. So nice to see Lily Red arrived safe and sound after her long journey. What a beautiful cape! Looking forward to hearing about her adventures at her new home.

  6. Just thought I'd let you know the heat is back on, my tooth feels much better, and I'm getting acquainted with my new Cannon ELPH! How cute is that name for a camera? I love Eli's idea for a woodstove...much more practical and might not have to wait to win the lottery! And the Yorkshire Tea...lucky me happens to live in a town with a mail order distributor for British Foods! They have a small room in front open to the public. As a special treat I stop in every so often and pick up a few goodies. Oh how I love the clotted cream too!
    natalie jo

  7. your house, when it rains, it pours! (Or should I say, when it snows, it snows.) I'm glad that things are getting back to normal for you.

    Our 60 year old furnace has been giving us trouble this season. We're holding our breath and hoping to make it through 'til spring.

    Stay warm and have fun with your new camera.