Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ready to Go!

If I had to pick my favorite fabric in the whole wide world it would have to be gingham! It's the perfect accent to almost any other fabric, comes in not only a variety of colors but also check sizes, and it's sure to put a smile on your face. I imagine the perfect gardening uniform would begin with a gingham jumper, topped by a floral apron with pockets, a straw hat, and of course those wellies! The sight of these little drawstring bags therefore makes my heart all aflutter. . . I've had such a good time making them I almost forgot what's inside. . .

. . . Peek- a -boo. . .

. . . it's the first set of Pick-a-Lilies!

Of course I couldn't let well enough alone. . . so after the bags I wrote a little ditty. It was so much fun I wanted to share it and why not? Especially when I had some gingham paper!!! In the end I have to say I'm quite proud of myself but not, as might be expected, for the Pick-a-Lilies, the bags, or the poem. No, a far greater achievement in my book is the fact that I accomplished all of those things AND kept up with the enormous amounts of laundry that seem to be created in this house! Not once in the past two weeks has anyone called out for clean socks or underwear, nor have they stood wrapped in a towel in the laundry room waiting for their jeans to dry. Job well done if I don't say so myself!

Just in case you didn't get a chance to meet earlier. . . this is Lily Sue . . .

. . . and this is Lily Jane. I'm especially fond of her lace up bodice. My husband and I have been obsessively watching the John Adams mini series with Paul Giamatti. I've always admired Abigail Adams, and to see her so beautifully portrayed by Laura Linney was a real treat, and I'm sure, the inspiration behind Lily Jane's bodice! I shall have to be very careful to moniter my movie viewing while making the next batch of Lilies. . . who knows what could come out of a Hell Boy/Iron Man marathon!


  1. Your Pick-A-Lilies are absolutely exquisite!! And thanks for the stroll down gingham memory lane...I have the fondest memories of the matching ruffly gingham Easter dresses that my mom made for my sister and me in 1960--mine yellow and hers pink. I felt like a princess.

  2. I love those little gals!!! And my favorite is gingham too--I just bought some curtains for my kitchen that are a white linen with red gingham trim. Yup, they make me soooo happy!

  3. I adore gingham and you!
    Your stories are enchanting and your taste is exquisite and your hand made 'lillies' are fabulous!
    The dolls, 'pincushions' packaging and tags are all perfection. You should be so proud for creating such beautiful things.

  4. I love gingham! Your pin cushion dollies are very cute!

    We watched the Adams mini series several times. My (history loving) husband bought it. We thought it was so well done. Isn't it good!?!

    I just finished two tiny Gail Wilson dolls for a friend. Are you working on your doll?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you come back again!

  5. How talented you are! Your Pick-a-Lily dolls are so sweet. I love their adorable faces, the gingham ditty bags as well as the little ditty you wrote on the beautiful card. Utterly charming!

  6. Amazing Natalie Jo, I love them all. Each little face has a different expression which is so endearing. Hope all the human household members have enough socks and underwear this weekend!!!

  7. Your Lily's are lovely and I am particuarly fond of Lily Jane! (Espeically with Jane being my name!)

    I loved the John Adam's mini series as well, wasn't his wife just amazing??