Friday, April 17, 2009

Wayside Wonders!

It was the most pleasant of spring days and Lucy had the urge to venture out and about. A pop in to Wayside Cottage was always a treat and so her destination was certain. Perhaps Lily Red would put on a pot of tea and whip up a batch of her famous sugared scones. So engaged was Lucy in her daydreams of delightful goodies and good natured gossip that she nearly knocked over her dear friend while passing round what used to be the back of the cottage. Lily Red fought to regain her precarious position atop her ladder in the midst of total disarray. All manners aside Lucy could not help but exclaim aloud, "Whatever have you been up to over here Lily Red?"

"My what a fright you've given me," she responded. "But I'm ever so glad to see you. I'm hanging the last of the wallpaper and am in need of an expert cut to size it up." Quick as a wink Lucy's scissors did their job. It only took a few more minutes to tidy up a bit before they two took themselves outside for a little show and tell. "You see," explained Lily Red, "I decided to add a summer kitchen onto the cottage. And now that the weather has taken a turn for the better I do hope you'll call more often to share a spot of tea with me in it. In fact let's give it a trial run right now!"

A makeshift table was easily put together out of wood scrap. The two gathered round and discussed all the ins and outs of household renovations. "Only a bit of finish work and you'll be done," said Lucy. Lily Red picked up her tiny cup for a final sip. Turning then to Lucy she said, "Yes, Wayside Cottage is far from a jumble now. And in that case I do believe it's time to turn my attention to the garden, or the lack thereof. I can't imagine anything better than to have a patch of veggies and flowers growing out in the dooryard. Have you any recommendations?" Lucy took only a moment before responding. "I can't say I've much farming experience but I do have an idea..."


  1. Wayside Cottage is shaping up so nicely...Can't wait to see the garden!

  2. It looks FANTASTIC!!! And I am sooooo looking forward to the garden!!!

  3. what a cute story!! thank you!


  4. Oh my. I DO love these episodes. I love what you did to that little house. It makes me want to put a back door in mine!

    Erin :)

  5. I always have to smile at the industry of those two little girls. I bet in your household things frequently 'go bump in the night'!

  6. oooooh I can't wait to find out about the idea!
    I like to have herbs, and tomatoes, growing in a kitchen garden, while the green beans climb jauntily up on threads towards the skies!
    Surrounded by flowers and visited by friendly insects and cheerful butterflies, it all makes such a lovely summer spot!