Saturday, June 20, 2009

Out the Kitchen Window

Did I ever tell you we don't have a dishwasher in our house? Not because it's not equipped to host one, but rather as a matter of preference. It began years ago when green depression glass and Fireking jadite were employed as our everyday dish service. I absolutely refused to allow them into a machine for cleaning lest any damage occur. And then we had kids! Amazing what one small hand can do to an entire stack of jadite mixing bowls. Also amazing was my ability to realize the dishes in and of themselves were not near as important as the joy of using them. And in time . . . . the joy of washing them!

It's actually fun to put your hand into a sink full of bubbles. even more so if you have a set of small ones helping you! Just be sure to check for a rubber band wrapped around the hose sprayer before you turn on the water. . . . this was a favorite prank in our kitchen several years ago. In the winter the warm water is a good way to sooth your nippy fingers while in the summer I actually find it cooling. No matter what the season, however, you have the added enjoyment of a pleasant window view. . . . sparkling snowdrifts, the flowering pear tree, a cascade of morning glories, and finally the vibrant burst of color on the burning bush.

This morning's window entertainment held a special surprise, for while rinsing out Betty Jo (that's my cast iron pan and a whole other story entirely) I spied our wee wooden friend wading through a sea of clover out there.

After thoroughly drying and oiling Betty Jo (proper care for a treasured pan) I hustled myself out to the yard to see whatever she might be up to. I found her nestled into a patch of pansy leisurely reading over some journal entries. Inspiration must have been found in those pages. . . .
. . . . for she was soon up and involved in a flurry of activity. It seems the sunflower seeds inspired by Susan Faye during the May Day Giveaway had sprouted and were in desperate need of some water. No small task for little Lily Red!

And seeing that the Forget Me Nots had begun go to seed she was quick to take action. With or without Lucy's help the snipping began! A few small blossoms had held out so she gathered them up in her basket. They would make a lovely arrangement in her summer kitchen or even tucked into the brim of her garden hat. Ever since receiving her lovely bonnet in the mail Lily Red had been looking for ways to bring a little more beauty into the world around her. Her garden hat would be much improved with the addition of the Forget Me Nots but still no where near the glory of that bonnet.
If only she could justify wearing it during her day to day activities. Unfortunately these had become quite uneventful as of late and so the bonnet remained back at Wayside, idly hanging from her bedpost. Dreaming of it's loveliness while knee deep in garden chores did, however, have it's advantages for a special idea began to sprout.


  1. Hi Natalie Jo. I often look at your posts and think we must be under the same spell (or something like that) as we often choose similar themes. I couldn't believe it when I saw your little lady working in the garden and considered how well she'd get on with my fairy folk. What a little cutie. I'm always amazed at how well these little people pose and how photgenic they are. What a sweet tale.

  2. Dear Natalie Jo,

    I fluttered over here from Eli's place, and my girls and I are entranced with your blog, to say the least! Such adorable cuties, fun fabric, and beautiful garden.

    Thanks so much for brightening up our day!



  3. p.s. I forgot to say that you can tell your husband that clover in lawns is very Victorian, since they used to sell lawn mixes with clover in them back then. Maybe he'll buy that?

  4. That is the cutest little pair of pruners I have ever seen! You really are talented with these little wee dollies!
    I love your story about the dishwasher. I, too, use 'good' dishes everyday and use the better ones for holidays. I believe one can never have too many dish sets, so I rote them for holidays, too!
    Friends have commented that I am the only one they know who still uses tablecloths and fine china but I look at it this way: I like nice things. I like pretty things. So why let them sit in a cupboard?
    I like vintage things and antique things and I like to use them, too.