Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just in the Nick of Time!

What you see here is the status of my basic doll kit as of 12:30 last night. I know, I know. . . . . I haven't completed their underthings yet but since it's an absolutely lovely day, with not a drop of rain in sight, I've given myself permission to head on up to the Sunapee Fair and spend my budget at the Gail Wilson booth!

I must say, for all my bellyaching and hesitation over sewing on the arms it was actually quite easy. The use of pliers to accomplish the task was not even required as I had so feared. Instead I discovered the needle slid quite smoothly through the painted surfaces with only a bit of assistance from one of my handy thimbles. With that success under my belt I found my confidence level soring and set out to tackle the wig constructions without a moment to spare. It took me all of ten minutes to have them ready to attach to the heads and another ten to glue them on. All this and it was only 10:00! I wish now I had remembered to take a picture of them at this point as they looked as if they had just popped out of a Pre-Raphaelite painting. They were very lovely indeed! But no. . . . . I hopped right on to the final step of braiding the hair. I considered it all downhill from here as I've made endless braids in my lifetime, what could be easier?

Two hours later, numerous dos and redos had me pulling out my own hair! I could not get those braids to lay correctly or even finish up to an equal length with one another. I finally found this updo to be my salvation as I was able to tuck away all the imperfections and raggedy edges once and for all.
The doll's wee doll I had better luck with so she got to keep her Anne of Green Gables look. And now, while their state of undress causes no great concern at the moment, mine does! In less than an hour and I'm due to be out the door and on my way north to see what goodies await!


  1. I am greatly impressed. I've never made one of these dolls. I chickened out and bought her pre-made because I loved her so much. I needed an Anne-girl doll so badly and she needed to be perfect.

    Happy Shopping!
    Erin :)

  2. These are amazing Natali Jo, we have nothing like it in England. I'm really impressed.

  3. On the few dolls I have made, it is always the hair that stresses me most. My poor princess doll for my castle room was bald for about 5 years because I was such a chicken!

  4. Natalie Jo! These turned out so beautiful. Even if their hair caused you great stress it turned out amazing! I would be so nervous to attempt something as detailed and difficult as this.

    I hope you found some lovely things at the Sunapee Fair. Again, they are just gorgeous.

  5. Natalie Jo, It seems we both have been to amazing weddings this summer! Mine was on a mountain top! Returning home I found your envelope waiting. I was so excited to open it because I knew your block would be as special as your wonderful pincushions. Wow! It is as though I have a pincushion "block"! I just love everything about it from the colors to the intricate piecing, the words (love words), and the stitching. Just beautiful! I can't be more honored to receive this block from such a talented artist. I will so enjoy being able to catch this out of the corner of my eye from my craft table. Not even a click of my mouse is needed! YeaH! Again, thank you! Elizabeth

  6. These dolls are fantastic! They look so much like th eold ones! Wonderful work!