Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lily Red Riding Hood

Humor me if you will in the presentation of yet another Lily. Being a special order, Red Riding Hood is actually in route to her new home, and more so than usual I am finding myself missing her presence in the sewing nook. As of yet I haven't created a single Lily to call my own but am thinking this one may have inspired me to do so. Perhaps it's the combination of the red gingham, the embroidered cape, and the mohair braids. Whatever the case may be, bear with me while I post a few photos to reference back to.

I have to say my favorite part was making the embroidered cape. I had so much fun stitching those little vines and leaves and found it was much easier than anticipated. The mind is now making a metal list of any and all things I could put needle and floss to in such a manner. . . . . . currently a new valance for the kitchen window holds fast to first place while my offer to adorn the new school clothes was firmly refused!
I made the cape removable primarily because its fun to play dress up, but it also allows you to see her lovely auburn braids. I was able to buy the dyed mohair from Gail Wilson Designs to make a wig similar to the ones I attempted in her basic doll kit. My braiding skills still leave quite a bit to be desired but in this case I actually prefer to have them more "relaxed" in order to be in better proportion to her head. Now if I could only get my hands on some curly blond hair to work with I'm sure Goldilocks would come round for a visit!


  1. She really is adorable. And I think the mohair worked out very well.

  2. She is yet again, another fine example of your beautiful work and creativity, Natalie Jo!
    What a lucky day when Little Red Riding Hood arrives at her new home!

  3. She's adorable! I love her braids! I get some of my cloth doll supplies online. They might have Goldie's Locks here: and Gail might even have a source for blonde curly mohair if you ask her! You must go to a sheep and wool festival in the spring!

  4. Hi Natalie Jo. I just love all your Lilies but I can see why you found it hard to part with this little person. I think it might have something to do with her facial expression. I find it very hard to sell dolls I've made, especially those with wistful looks. I love the red riding hood clothes, you are such a talented seamstress and so full of new ideas. Long may the Lilies keep blooming, love Eli