Saturday, September 18, 2010

Farmer's Wife Follow Up.....

I had such high hopes of playing the roll of Farmer's Wife in our yard this year. Endless days of weeding, transplanting, harvesting vegetables, and decorating the house with flowers from the dooryard stretched before me. Then, however, the heat arrived. . . . . . . .and never left! The much anticipated summer rainstorms were few and far between so while I languished in the house like a limp rag everything outside burnt to a crisp. Apparently my endurance level is nowhere near on par with that of Willa Cather's Antonia Shimerda, although I've often wished it were so! But no, I'm afraid my gardening endeavours this year consisted in not much more than the creation of endless Bitty Blossom Pins while planting myself directly in front of the fan!

Looking back, the only task I actually completed was that of cleaning up the shed. (No comment on the red gingham curtains.)

Oh well, maybe I'm more of a "Cowboy's Wife" like Grace Snyder. Probably not but I'm still looking forward to hunkering down into the long winter months with a quilt project and a good book!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Treasure Hunting

I attended the Southern NH Doll Show and Sale today with my mom. We go every year and always discover the sweetest treasures to bring home. Today was no different. . . . . . just look at this amazing nursery rhyme cup and saucer from England! I'm still pinching myself to make sure I didn't dream up this lucky find.

My mom found quite a sweetheart in this wee wooden "paper dollie." I just love her sparkly eyes and rosy mouth. I also love the fact that mom gave her to me as an early birthday present!

And who could possibly resist a miniature village? Not me!

As if all this wasn't enough. . . . .

. . . . . there was even a bitty baby house just right for Lily Red!

Home Sweet Home!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Shop's Open.....

. . . . . and I'm celebrating the event throughout the entire month of September. If interested pop on over to my wee little nook of Etsy for a look see at some of the new goodies. In addition to the daily listings of these items I've also planned a few extra fun surprises along the way.

September 6th marks my two year anniversary at Etsy! In honor of the occasion I'll be re-posting some of my pieces from those early days. . . . . only this time at reduced SALE prices.

September 16th is my birthday! Yipee for me!!! Especially exciting is the fact that Lily Red has offered to take over the shop for the day in order to gift me with a holiday break. Rumor has it she's got something special to share with you as well!

September 26th brings with it the return of the Pick-a-Lilies! They have been enjoying an extended summer break around and about, picking up some new friends along the way. It sure will be good to see their little faces in the sewing nook once again.

As before, Friday Finds will be posted weekly. Thursdays, however, may prove to be more exciting for on those days I will reveal a "Newfangled Notion" or some other such needful thing never before seen in the shop!