Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Have Tray Will Travel

With a wee one under the weather and home from school sequestering myself up in the nook for the day was out of the question. Instead I snagged a handy tray onto which I gathered up a pile of the pincushion bases (or "lily pads" as I've taken to calling them) along with an assortment of the threads, ruffles, and trims needed to deck them out properly. I then proceeded to plop myself downstairs where I could accompany my little sick friend. Its been our long standing rule that he who is sick gains control of the remote and so I stitched and he sniffled while we both shuddered at the creatures encountered through the space/time anomalies of BBC's Primeval!

1 comment:

  1. There is something calming about this photo. You know how much I love your pincushions and this display is simply gorgeous. I love to see all your creations! Blessings, Lynne