Sunday, January 8, 2012

#8 Made Some Changes

Actually we made the changes way back around Thanksgiving time. We were hosting the dinner and wanted a bigger space for the table as well as a bit of distance from the kitchen mess while eating. Turning our sun room into a temporary dining room was the perfect solution.

This meant our dining room would now host the sun room's wicker assemble where guests could gather and chat while cooks puttered about in the kitchen.

We were surprised to find how much we enjoyed having the work table from the sun room in the kitchen. What we at first thought might be a tad crowded actually proved to be quite functional and cozy.

A few steps down the hall a wee nook was discovered for geranium and step stool.

Again a blessing in disguise as I'm now able to reach the top shelf of the pantry!

With more entertaining in the forecast, we kept the new arrangement in place throughout the holiday season. No one was more pleased with the situation than Stormy who loved having a cozy perch from which to watch the kitchen activities. . . . .

. . . . .in between his busy schedule of cat naps that is!

With the festivities over and decorations stashed back in the attic it was time to get cleaned up and back to normal. Trouble was our new arrangement now felt like normal. A quick family pow wow at the table found us all in agreement to keep all furniture (and fairy lights) in place.

Stormy said he'd stay put too.

And just in case there was ever any debate as to where that spot should be,
dear hubby surprised everyone with this!

What a lucky bichon!

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