Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Made a Sale

Normally this is a good thing. Today's sale, however, was the first of my fabric destash to be purchased. Why is it that I can send something I created from scratch out the door without a second thought but feel my heartstrings tug against the release of a few yards of fabric? Addiction perhaps? Sure hope this gets easier!

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  1. I get so envious of you Natalie Jo when I think of you living in a sea of fabric. Not only in your own cosy home but in little stores scattered around your lovely New England. We are so lacking in this kind of thing here in the UK. Like you I can't resist buying fabric. My mum was just the same but she bought several yards at a time for possible future curtains that she never used. I now have lots of her curtain fabric but it's the tiny patterned patchwork style fabric I love most of all. You can never have too much!!! Whoops! did I just say the wrong thing? Enjoy your stitching and (stashing) in 2012. Eli x