Saturday, February 25, 2012

Made Another "Gimormous" Quilt Block

Thanks to a friend I was introduced to A Sentimental Quilter today. Now it wasn't as if I hadn't heard of Kathleen Tracy and her wonderful "little"quilt books before, but I was ignorant of the fact that she hosted a blog. So inspired was I after reading through her posts that I decided to do a bit of block making myself.

Although I desperately wanted to, I couldn't justify going hog wild and cutting away at a new mini quilt project knowing that the pattern for my second "Stash Party Stars" block of the month was awaiting attention. And so I tackled the 12 x 12 inch monster and am proud to say did a much better job of it! Sure I clipped a few of the corners off in the stitching process and have a bit of misalignment here and there but overall the nook witnessed far less grumbling and ripping out of seams than it did during last month's endeavour!


  1. That looks absolutely perfect! love,andrea

  2. I love the fabrics that you have used together....very nice:)