Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Made a Little Bit of Summer

Having a much better day today! Computer and I have made up, the sun came out of hiding,and the "new" issue of Mollie Makes hit the shelves. I say "new" because here in our neck of the woods we are a month behind. It always does seem to be that way when it comes to the British magazines. Anyway...after spending my January days browsing the pages of a very tattered "Deck the Halls" issue, I am happy to say I now have in my possession the "Dear Diaries" issue, #9!!!!

Of special interest to me was this little snippet concerning year long themes among bloggers. The two examples mentioned (here and here) focus on a new craft creation EVERY day. Although my "Made" project includes items such as making scones, making discoveries, and yes, maybe even making the laundry pile disappear (but don't hold your breath on this one) I thought perhaps it would be fun to track the actual items I craft every day for one month. And since February is the shortest one of the year it seems the the logical choice.

and so. . . . today I made a little bit of summer. . . . . in the form of a cheery little pincushion!