Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Made a Little BIG Mistake

I've got myself an order of Yo-Yo pincushions to ship out come Friday and so knowing it would involve a slew of stuffing and stitching over the next couple of days I decided to get a jump start on the endeavour and prep up the rounds first thing this morning.

Fabric combos were selected. . . . . including some tiny choices for a few more scrap bag and pincushion sets for wee dollie friends.

A spell at the sewing machine this afternoon had them stitched up tight.

And then this evening, I put scissors to task and things really began to take shape!

As the stack of prepped rounds grew so did my excitement. . . . . I'd come up with the perfect "made" item for the day. . . . . one of the miniature doll pincushions to be the cherry on top!

In my excitement, however, I apparently sewed ON the line rather than WITHIN the line making my "cherry on top pincushion" too big. Yes that's right. . . . . TOO BIG!!!


  1. Oh dear, I know that feeling Natalie Jo. They always say these things are sent to try us and it can indeed be very trying. It's an error you won't make again!! The pincushion fabrics are gorgeous.

  2. Well, you know how we humans like a giant pincushion once in a while???

  3. It's a perfect size for someone or something:)

  4. Thanks so much for all the optimism!