Monday, March 26, 2012

Made an Agenda

Out of the corner of my eye I've been watching a collection of UFO's hovering about in the sewing nook. Funny how those little critters seem to multiply! Fearing an uncontrollable spread of the invasion, I thought it to be in my best interest to take charge of the situation. The first step in my plan of attack was to grab a tray, one big enough to contain each and every UFO sighted. Once rounded up the scene looked a whole lot better, so much so in fact I decided it would not be beyond belief that everything could obtain a status of "complete" by the end of the week.

And so now they, and their days, are numbered. . . . .literally!
Between now and Sunday the following shall be completed. . . .
1-3 Mini Pini cushions with all the Belles and Whistles
4-7 Pincushion Pails with Bitty Blossoms
8 Large EPP Pincushion with quilting and (possibly) crochet edging
9 Not a UFO but want to make sure I don't forget about the next Lily tutorial
10 Wash, cut, and generally attend to all the loose fabrics hanging around
11-16 Complete the remaining felted wool projects for the month of March!


  1. That's a very good idea except I think I have a lot more UFO's than you do:( I have sorted them though into small boxes/baskets which has helped.

  2. Isn't it amazing how those baskets and boxes make it seem as if everything is as it should be?!!!