Friday, March 9, 2012

Made Over Scrapbook

Way back here I read a book on wabi-sabi. I loved it! I still love it. And I'm still rereading many parts of it. More than any of the numerous decluttering, get you house in order, simplify your life self help books I have read this one has truly made me reconsider most of the areas of our home. My motivation to clean up and clear out extends far beyond the endless fabric stash I keep going on about. There are oodles of books, more dishes than we'll ever need, and paper. Paper, paper everywhere in papers, financial papers, newspapers....recipe cards, magazine clippings, and assorted memorabilia. Most I'm finding can be filed or tossed but some I thought would be fun to save for a scrapbook. Elaborate visions of elegantly decorated pages and Spencerian scripted reminisces floated through my mind for only the briefest of moments for which I am most grateful! Seriously do I need another hobby? More supplies to store? And would such a creation be even slightly wabi-sabiesque? NO!!!! But per change these composition books could do the trick.

So with a quick gathering of leftover supplies and a bit of arts and craft guesswork. . . . .

I was able to create this transformation in about the time it took the glue gun to heat up!

I decide to call it a "snippet book" and went right to work with the glue stick.

Quick as a wink our visit to the Boston Museums was "documented."

As was our 2011 miniature golf tournament, our first annual Christmas in July celebration,

and girls day out at the movies!

It now has a home alongside several sketch books I dug up from the basement into which I'm securing.....

.....those magazine clippings of favorite kitchens,

household odds and ends,

and someday quilt inspirations.

Hmmm....I do believe I've created a reading nook of sorts....YIPPEE!!!


  1. How inspiring, Natalie Jo! Maybe I need to create a scrapbook during this changing season of our lives with kids turned adults and all the events that seem to accompany these big changes... Blessings, Lynne

  2. I think one of the current terms for such a book is a "Smash" book.

  3. Thanks so much Mary Ann! I just googled smash book and the examples are amazing. Have a look see yourself Lynne...they look like so much fun....the whole family could even contribute!