Monday, April 30, 2012

Made a Bowl of Memories

While putting away a pile of Mollie Makes magazines today (yes I am STILL working on cleaning up our room) I got a bit side tracked and started browsing through all the pages I'd previously bookmarked with sticky notes (which explains WHY I'm still working on the room!)
Anyway.....I was reminded of this great little project by Ashley Ann Campbell which can be found over at design Design Sponge. It's a rotating journal that accumulates day-specific memories over the years. The supplies were  pretty basic and so I thought it might be fun to make one up for my new desk which, arguably, could be considered working on the room.

My favorite part of the project was stamping the date on each of the index cards. I felt just like an old fashioned librarian which is what I  wanted to be when I grew up.....well that or a nurse or an oceanographer, but only one that stayed on land since I'm not too fond of the water.

The one thing I couldn't bear to do was to cut down the postcards so I kept them in their original state and think it works just as well. Finally, in place of the fruit box I substituted this old bowl.....I'd always thought it to be beautiful but now it has a use as well. Am thinking William Morris would be quite proud of me!

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