Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Made A Mess Of My Hands But....

As of today I vow to follow all directions on spray cans!

I picked up some of this Great Stuff during my morning errands with the intention of filling a few gaps around the bulkhead lest snakes decide to take up residence in one of the cozy nooks.
The directions said to wear gloves while using but the cool straw/trigger thingy that screwed on to the top of the can added a good distance from where your hand would be and where the foam would come out so I couldn't imagine even the possibility of coming in contact with any of the "Great Stuff."


Thanks to me that stuff got everywhere. It sprayed out just fine and was fun to do. So fun in fact that I went a bit overboard without taking into account the 60% it was due to expand (also noted on the can but ignored by me.) As it expanded I panicked . . . . .our bulkhead was foaming at the mouth! First I tried wiping it away with whatever weeds I could rip from the area but this just spread it around more. Pushing it back in didn't work either. Shoving handfuls of gravel stones into the yellow blob as a means of camouflage was my last resort and actually came out looking not so bad. My hands, however, were another story.

Not only have I had at them with a scrub brush many times over I've also now worked my way through 5 sink loads of dishes, cleaned every single hand washable item that needed it, scoured the shower, and washed the floors yet they still have remnants of foam and dirt embedded in them. On the bright side. . . . . I may have made a mess of my hands but the house is squeaky clean!

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