Sunday, May 20, 2012

Made Some Cuts

These curtains and I have been doing battle ever since things warmed up enough for the windows to be opened. When the wind blows they get all staticky and adhere to themselves in the weirdest of ways which has me constantly trying to straighten them out. Besides, I'll admit it, I'm finding them a bit boring.

So today I borrowed the pantry curtain for a look see at a more colorful alternative. Although the squares might be a bit tiny and the colors a tad dark for the summer I loved the overall concept.

With a bit of measuring and some general math applications I was able to determine I'll need 1,080 four inch blocks to make enough panels to cover the five windows. GOODNESS ME!!! It was almost enough to make me rekindle an appreciation for the old white curtains.....but then a gust of wind came through and wrecked havoc. This sent me scrambling for the rotary cutter, mat and a pile of fabric. Along with the 4" curtain squares I started cutting some 6" squares so I can have a go at that Nicki Trench quilt for my bed.

My goal is to incorporate a minimum of 120 unique fabric prints. Currently I've got only 10 but I couldn't help but play around with them a bit.

And thanks to those staticky curtains I was even able to set them out vertically!

1 comment:

  1. I laughed at you sticking the fabric squares to the white curtains. I think those staticky curtains would drive me crazy too.