Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Made: The Lost Weekend in Reveiw

 While our little trip took us slightly north of our humble abode, the destination was actually quite familiar.....another house, behind another picket fence, bordering another yard full of hostas and fairy roses.....
Yep! We were hunkered down at pop and grandma's for the weekend. While there was a wee bit of business to attend to along with one flat tire and a lost set of keys, there was also oodles of goodness to be had.
 Made a promise to spend some time out on the porch.
  Made sure to don a pair of old red wellies.

 Made my way past Snake Rock (no further reason for red wellies required!)

 Made my way out back.....

 .....over the river....

 .....and through the woods because that's what your supposed to do at grandma's house!

 Made me wish we had a pocket door at our house!

 Made my toes red (to match the wellies of course!)

 Made a wonderful surprise discovery in the book Prayers for Sale. It's by Sandra Dallas and if your name happens to be Connie your going to want to check it out!

 Made myself quiet as a mouse in the early morning hours.

 Made up some mini pillows.

 Made a Father's Day trip to the flea market...where we lost those keys,

 but found wonderful wooden delights!

 Made a bet with dear hubby that this thing will eventually brew the best coffee he's ever had.

 Made several attempts to round up the kids come Sunday evening.

Made our goodbyes and gave our best wishes to these amazing little pavement pansies.


  1. Natalie, your words are music to my ears! Thanks for such a wonderful comment.

  2. what will you do with your "wooden delights"?