Saturday, June 2, 2012

Made Me Giddy with Excitement

 Little did I know what was to come.
Several bags of fabric scraps had been dumped out on the kitchen table,

 hands were put to work folding and sorting,
and the mind was left to wander.

As order emerged I was forced to acknowledge the overwhelming abundance of my stash. Until recently in the scope of time, a woman's scrap bag was just that.....a bag. One bag filled with precious bits and pieces. Fabrics such as feed sacks, leftovers from new dressmaking materials, or even recycled scraps from worn out clothing. And often times the acquisition of a variety of prints and colors depended on the generosity of a woman's female friends and family members. For me this thought of women sharing and swapping fabric prints always and forever brings to mind The Persian Pickle Club, that coveted paisley fabric, and the interdependence of the women both in life and craft.

There wasn’t a quilt top turned out by a member of the Persian Pickle Club that didn’t have fabrics from all of us in it. That made us all a part of one another’s quilts, just like we were part of one another’s lives.

So now are you ready for the "giddy' part?
Following my train of thought....I soon had Sandra Dallas on my mind and since I love all her books I decided to have a look see if she had any new ones out yet for me to read.   That search was soon forgotten, however, because I found

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