Friday, June 22, 2012

Made a Salad

Today teen #1 hosted his own birthday party and for some odd reason I thought the boys would enjoy a refreshing side salad..... accompany this hot greasy goodness.
I'd feel bad except for the fact that they didn't eat a bite of cake either. Now I'm thinking they're the odd ones.....who doesn't like chocolate cake for goodness sake?!!!

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  1. Hi Natalie Jo. That is odd...not eating cake! I'm the type to eat cake and skip the meal. Although I do love pizza, and your salad looks great. I'm going to pick up some salad dressing from Olive Garden today to use at home. That is cute your teen wanted to host his own party! Your pics have been real nice lately...especially the iced tea during this heatwave.

    When my kids were young, we'd get an above-ground swimming pool from toys r us and it was nice to sit and watch them instead of going out swimming...we'd alternate that between joining a pool. Now the lazy days of summer seem not so lazy and they go too fast...I have to try to figure out how to capture those boring days again. love,andrea