Thursday, July 12, 2012

Made it Over

 Dear hubby has a habit of hanging out at used bookstores and most often he comes home with a treasured find each and every time he frequents one. Can't say it does much for my perpetual decluttering endeavours but it's hard to complain when he includes your interests in his searches. Several months ago he returned with this copy of Hitty in tow. Unfortunately, as kind as this gesture was to me, someone had not been very kind to the book itself. Scribbles, rips and assorted literary graffiti were scattered throughout it's pages. Being Hitty I hadn't the heart to toss it out and yet I wasn't sure what to do with it either. Until today that it is.

 This morning, while packaging wee pillows I thought it would be fun to attach some tiny tags to the little bags. And what could be better than to decorate them with snippets of dolly prose?

I soon realized that with some creative clipping the possibilities were endless as long as, that is, the mind stayed focused on the task at hand and didn't get caught up reading the pages again for the umpteenth time!

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