Thursday, July 26, 2012

Made Enough.....for now

This morning I decided to give my sewing basket a thorough once over and look what I found in amongst the collection of thread tails.....oodles of Picca-Little goodies without a home! 


 I also found the corresponding "Crafty Wish Tickets" to these wee works. I must admit, I'm quite ashamed! Seems to me I promised myself to make up one a week, post it here on a Wednesday, and then put the item in my shop. much for promises!

SO.....'s what I'll do. I'll simply pick up where I left off and pretend I never forgot. And if I should forget in the future (which chances are I will) I'll pretend I didn't again. Maybe you'll even pretend along with me?  Let's get started right away and pretend it's Wednesday!

 Crafty Wish Ticket #5 - Picca-Little Pillows in Cozy Crochet
Made to keep dolly comfortable these wee pillows are sized just right for Hitty but I'm thinking it might be nice to have a few sized up for me!
 Crafty Wish Ticket #6 - Picca-Little Patchwork Pillows
These are a bit more interesting to make up because it's fun to play around with the fabric selections. Ditto on wishing I had one in my size!
Crafty Wish Ticket #7 - Picca-Little Miniature Pincushions
  Complete with yo-yo topper, bead button and 3 removable pins yet measures only a mere 3/4 inch. I want one just li......oops never mind I do have one of these!

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