Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Made a Mug Up

 Last week I found this well worn copy of High Tide at Noon at the library. I'd never heard of Elisabeth Ogilvie but it was apparent from the shelf she had authored more than a few books and most of them set on a small island off the coast of Maine. It seemed to promise some fun summer reading and so I checked it out. Trouble is, it's turned out to be so good I can hardly stand to put it down. The setting, the characters, the storyline.....all delightful!

 But do you want to know my favorite thing about it? Within it's pages I've discovered a fantastic new phrase.....MUG UP!  The characters are forever coming in through the kitchen door and gathering around for a mug up and donuts, or sandwiches, or some other such mini feast. I've decided to adopt the phrase for use with coffee breaks and keep cuppa strictly for tea times. A good compromise if you ask me.

 I also compromised my time today by alternating a bit of reading with a bit of sewing and by doing so completed one pink and blue pincushion as well as the beginnings of yet another brown cape for Hitty.

I had originally planned on working a red cape next but since I was in a mug up mood brown seemed much more appropriate don't you think?


  1. I love to read! But I do agree that when a book is too good...I can't put it down..and then I'm sad I finished it so quickly! My youngest daughter is looking up Irish slang today....mug up! love,andrea

  2. You are so right Andrea, I fear I read too much today!!! Loved your post on canning the apples...this is a talent I wish I had!
    Fondly, natalie jo

  3. Canning is so much easier than your sewing! You have to figure, if women by the groves did this for generations, (canning) it can't be too hard..ha..love,andrea