Sunday, July 1, 2012

Made a Plan

 I'm finding my ability to focus has dramatically diminished with the arrival of the summer heat. My brain is simply not thinking straight. Aside from the whole blog design bungle these past two days.....

.... I discovered I also botched up the batch of petite pillows I have in the works by stitching half of them 1/4 inch smaller all the way around.

So.....I've hatched a plan!

A plan to avoid the worst of the heat and to carve out a bit of quiet time by getting up in the early morning hours. I'm thinking something like 4:30ish which was the time I used to get up eons ago when I worked in a bakery. If memory serves me correctly I do believe I loved that schedule and had no difficulty rolling out of bed in the morning. 

No, getting up at the crack of dawn will not be hard for me but devoting those first few hours to creative endeavours might be. I'm afraid I'll be tempted to tackle laundry or dishes or some other such household task waiting for attention. And so, to hold myself accountable, I've decided each post for the month of July will include "official documentation" of my wee morning creation. Today's example.....a Picca Little pillow all stitched up and in the correct measurements to boot!!!  


  1. Ah, Natalie Jo!! I do hope you are managing to have some FUN with these!! I would hate to see you burn out!! Oh, my, it could be the heat...we were in Pittsburgh the past week and it was HOT there, also....
    Hope you feel better!

  2. It truly seems as if it's hot EVERYWHERE right now! Although I must admit today was not nearly as oppressive as the past several have been. That combined with a new routine has me back in the swing of things and happy as a clam!

    I see you have a new post up...Can't wait to have myself a look see...