Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Made a Step in the Right Direction

 Today's early AM was pretty much a happy repeat...handwork, cuppa, and another mini pillow. I found I had a bit more quiet time to play with, however, so decided to pick up on my patchwork curtain project. A little bit of cutting.....

 .....followed by a couple of seams.....

 .....and a quick trim down,

 lead to this.....the first four patch of many!
I was so tickled with it's completion I had to give it a trial run.

By the end of the morning my accomplishments had actually created a bit if a pile and so I thought for the sake of "documentation" I'd list them out.

1. Wee pillow with crochet trim completed.
2. Seven more wee pillows stuffed and ready to be trimmed out.
3. A good number of 4x4 inch fabric squares cut for the curtain project as well as a few 6x6 for the someday bed quilt project.
4.Last but not least, the first 4 patch block put together and ready for  more!

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