Friday, August 3, 2012

Made a Day of It

 I browsed oodles of images of windswept cottages for inspiration and.....
....worked hard to learn where the fine line of just the right amount of distressing lies.
Obviously it wasn't here!

By sunset not only was the first little village completed.....

.....but a second alternative was as well!
(Although now I'm thinking a bit of sparkle might be fun...hmmmm?)



  1. I love how you did two different versions of villages! Very nice! Perfect work.

  2. Natalie Jo,
    I lost your blog for awhile. I am so pleased I found it again. I love these little houses. I am obsessed with tiny houses as well and have often thought of doing a project like this. Saws though...yikes. I actually like the really distressed houses. Do you ever look at the tiny wee clay houses on etsy?

    Also, I love the tiny pin cushions and one of the pillows you had way back there. I must have missed it on etsy. I love your color combos.

    Erin :)

  3. Thank you one and all for such kind comments on my little houses! And yes Erin, I have been obsessively stalking those wee clay houses on Etsy ever since starting this project. So much fun!!!

    I'm glad to hear you liked the distressed houses....I was having such a jolly time making them until one of the kiddies said, "Wow, those are a wreck!" This from a child willing to spend a fortune in babysitting money to buy jeans with rips in them!

    Oh well, I probably wouldn't have tried to win her approval by making the pink and aqua set had she told me otherwise...and now that I've got the glitter on them I love them too!

    So good to hear from you all!
    natalie jo