Monday, August 6, 2012

Made Dinner Memories

 Years and years ago I worked as a kitchen maid. Not cook, but true to life kitchen maid. Think Downtown Abbey's Daisy (minus of course her much more desirable uniform and the unending drama) and you pretty much have my role. Washing, drying, putting away. Peeling, slicing, chopping. Measuring, pouring, plating. And at the end of the each day, creating a written record of the meals which were prepared and served.

Keeping such records is a habit I've continued on and off throughout my life. It's fun to look back and remember the foods commonly served when our house was peopled with much smaller and fussier kiddies. It's also been quite helpful when you hit a food rut since reviewing those oldies but goodies usually provides just the inspiration needed.

 Unfortunately, our family's diet has become quite restrictive these past few years. An abundance of allergies and intolerances mean that much of what was considered standard fare is now off limits. That means our oldies but goodies are therefore now just old and no longer inspirational. Most of our old recipe books are headed for the yard sale (or Savers!) Luckily magazines like Living Without and blogs like Leaf  Root Flower Fruit provide amazing alternatives. I just needed a place to start collecting of our new family favorites. 

A blank book fit the bill!

Successful meals we previously discovered were cut and pasted into the first pages.

But plenty of space remains for future entries!

And just so all this goodness will be easily accessible this index will be a handy work in progress!


  1. I used to have a binder for all the family favourite recipes and saved ideas but in an effort to get rid of stuff I scanned everything on to my laptop. The cookbooks are next. I'm going to go through them and choose recipes I think I might make and scan them in too.

  2. What a good idea! It does feel hood to clear things out doesn't it!