Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Made Matches

Bit by bit I've been working at the embroidery on the Hitty capes. So much so, in fact, that only a few remain to be stitched and by next week I'll be putting the finishing touches on the entire batch. Somewhere along the way, however, I seem to have jumbled up the matched sets of wool toppers and calico linings I had all lined up. Spent more time than you would believe trying to decide how to "re-match" them this evening. Think all is set except these two toppers both appear to belong to the green print. Hmmmm......


  1. Oh, they look so lovely and I am sure that any lining will work. Your embroidery is gorgeous!!
    Enid Hall

  2. Thank you Enid!!! I'm thinking I'll have to make up another batch after this one as I'm becoming quite addicted to having an embroidery project at hand!