Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Made Me Do Homework

Something is very wrong with this picture. The kids had their first day back to school and yet I'm the one with the homework assignments!


  1. I know! I was grumbling over that yesterday....because I was thinking of the times I had 6 children's papers...now I'm down to 1, and I almost forgot about them coming home. I am annoyed they ask for her ss #...so now I just write in "already on record"!

    But when I was a young mom with my first, she came home from first grade and actually had me doing her homework. It was math sheets of 100 simple problems. She told me parents were supposed to do it so they could study it. Finally, after several coming home, I got frustrated and told my daughter "I'm going to talk to your teacher...I don't know why she just can't do them and copy them for you to study"! That's when my daughter replied..."oh mom, I wouldn't do that"...and it all came out that it was really her homework and she was being sneaky and tricked her mom! After that day, I learned to never fully trust my little children! love,andrea

  2. Isn't it amazing how cleaver they are and how gullible we can be!!!