Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Made the First Three

 I had intended to spend my day "sewing' a field of Bitty Blossom Pins but soon found myself itching to have at some of the other projects I had lined up.
So I figured, "Why not? I've certainly got enough of them!"

 And just in case your curious as to the specifics here's what's on my plate to finish up.....
34 pincushions
27  39 (opps I counted wrong!)bitty blossom pins
5 itty bitty pillows
5 Hitty capes
1 quilt block

Collectively they come to a grand total of 72  84 items. Some have due dates and others do not but I have given myself until the 22nd to work my way through the list. This should be fun....at least for me it will and I'm hoping you'll humor me as I visually document my progress along the way. I promise to try and come up with some creative photos so it doesn't get too monotonous on the eyes.

Today, however, you'll just get a straight up picture....the first 3 of 72!!! 3 of 84!!!
(Although if I hadn't been tempted to poke my way through a few chapters of my latest Ogilvie book perhaps it would have been 4.)



  1. 72 items! Oh I wish! I'm trying to teach myself hardanger embroidery so I can make a couple of Christmas presents for two special ladies. You are my inspiration. 72!

  2. Yes it is a big number but I cheat in a way by adding each individual bitty blossom pin into the count. It's nothing more than a trick to make myself feel as if I've accomplished a great deal more than I have and by doing so keep me encouraged to believe I can complete all the rest just as easily!!!

    Have fun wih your embroidery...now that's a big but beautiful project. They sure must be special ladies to have such a gift in store for them!!!