Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Made One More

Somewhere along the way I do believe I've stepped behind on my blocks of the month. This here (fairly dreary if I do say so myself) specimen is only the seventh block to now be stashed away in my hidey draw and yet by all counts there should be nine completed.  This definitely requires some looking into!  


  1. From someone who is not very good (perhaps terrible would be a better word) at quilting, that is not a dreary block. That's FANTASTIC!

  2. Nice points on your block! I usually chop my points off, which is why I do so much paper piecing. I agree with Del, block isn't dreary at all. In fact, it's quite rich!
    Get busy on those other two blocks! Suzanne

  3. Thanks for you bright and cheery opinions!!! I'm starting to feel a bit better about it but am now in a bit in a quandry as to where I put the directions for the two missing blocks. Somewhere safe I'm assuming!!!